Spiritual Hearing Aids – Hearing God’s Voice in A Nosiy World

I have a hearing problem, not because of all the punk concerts I went to in high school.

My problem is a spiritual hearing problem.

I’m addicted to…  a lot of things.

  • Technology – I bring my iPhone in to the bathroom so I can check Facebook on the toilet.
  • Busyness – I want to brag about how many important meetings I had.
  • Music – I’m listening to Angels and Airwaves as I right this.
  • Entertainment – I watched the 1st  six seasons of the Office in a matter of weeks.

These addictions have one thing in common…

They drown out the voice of God.

I just finished re-reading the classic “Practicing the Presence of God” by 18th century monk named Brother Lawrence.  The description of his intimate, ongoing intimacy with the almighty has inspired God lovers for centuries.

I found myself asking…

Why am I not experiencing that constant closeness with Christ?


My solution has been to retreat to nature I get away from everything and focus my heart.

I think I’m in good company,

“Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.”  Luke 5:16

Beauty draws me to Christ.   Beauty distracts me from my distractions.

Then I can come to Christ alert.

And ask him to speak to me.

Then I wait.  Sometimes I get an impression.  Sometimes God highlights a specific scripture.

Sometimes I don’t hear anything.

But even in those times I come away refreshed.

As Loren Cunningham said, “Guidance is first of all a relationship with the Guide.”

Meanwhile, I will continue to sit and listen, awaiting His still small voice.

What are some tips you have found for hearing God’s voice?

Click here to watch an inspiring sermon by Bill Hybels on the subject.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Hearing Aids – Hearing God’s Voice in A Nosiy World

  1. HI David,
    I like your article about hearing the voice of God…very timely, during this Christmas rush! I often hear God in my morning devotional time with Him…often when reading His Word, sometimes as I’m writing in my prayer journal, He kind of takes over my hand and teaches me things! Sometimes it’s just a faint thought that seems to come from my Spirit, sometimes tears that I don’t even understand but know He is in them…

    I hear God in the voice and thoughts of my children in S. School class, as we seek Him each Sunday…some of them are VERY close to Jesus…

    I love seeing God in nature: the clouds floating by in the sunset sky, the beautiful Koolau mountains towering above my house in Hawaii, the ocean waves, and the daily rainbows reminding me of His promises…we really do have to slow down and make time for Jesus to speak to us, or He is pushed out by the busy, noisy, pointless life.

    Love, Sandy

  2. encouraging…i find it scary that the devil will seek to use anything and everything to keep us from close fellowship with Christ…from christian music to, to many things occupying our mind and even our own prideful interpretation of Gods Word when we arent seeking HIS presents through the Spirit of God that is inside us. i continually am challenged by Matthew 6. and what Jesus teaches about prayer.

    check out my blog if you ever have time: http://trudimdalton.blogspot.com

    May God’s glory be our full purpose and delight.

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