It’s Harvest Time!

Every year countless new freshmen and transfer students flood onto college campuses.

There’s a strategic window of time in the first 1-2 weeks before the students get connected and no longer feel the need for “more friends”.

Students aren’t strategic about who they befriend. 

People that wouldn’t normally be friends do just because they live on the same hall, share a class, or both enjoy beer pong.

Pro 10:5 says, “A wise youth harvests in the summer,

but one who sleeps during the harvest is a disgrace.”

College ministry has very clear seasons.

The beginning of each semester is HARVEST TIME! 

It’s not the time to work on your support raising.

It’s not the time to catch up on your reading.

It’s not the time to get three stars on every level of angry birds.


Eternity is hanging in the balance.

It’s not time to find a balance in your schedule.

There’s a field of freshmen & transfer students waiting to be harvested.

Will you harvest them?

Or will you sleep through it?

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