Pick Up the Baton! How College Ministry Changed A Life at SDSU!

On Your mark, get set…BLAM!   The crowd swelled as the racers dartedImage off.   The Olympic games had been their dream since childhood.  Three racers successfully ran their leg of the race then on the final hand off the runner bumbled the baton… and CLANK, the baton hits the floor along with the hopes of a nation.

The church has dropped the baton when it comes to college students. 

Everyone knows that to grow a church you must have:

  1. A loving, thriving children’s ministry
  2. An exciting and relevant youth ministry

Thousands of dollars are poured into these programs.  Why? Because there is a direct return of our investment! The parents come back and they put money in the offering plate!  It just makes sense (and cents).  But does it make sense to neglect those same students when they go off to college?

Kendal grew up in a loving kids ministry, Jr high ministry, and high school ministry but when she went off to college she was free to make her own decision about life and faith.

USA Today tells us that 70% of students who grew up in church end up leaving church.

When Kendal got to SDSU she immediately joined the club soccer team and found a boyfriend who was not a believer. 

She wanted to stay connected to her roots so she tried to join my ministry on campus, but her soccer practice was the same night.

Kendal got sucked into the party scene and ended up feeling dirty, hopeless and confused.

Fortunately one of my staff members named Dana was there for her the whole time.  As they met she told Kendal that there was hope and that she could never be to bad for God to forgive her and that He was loved her more then she would know.Image

Through a break up with her boyfriend, an injury that kept her from playing soccer, and the constant love from Dana, Kendal eventually decided to give God everything!  She has been so full of joy since.

Kendal is now leading a small group in her apartment, helping us plan outreach events, and participated in a summer mission trip to Jamacia with us last summer.  God is shaping her to become the woman and leader he has created her to be.

The baton that was dropped was pick up in Kendal’s life and now she is running with it.  Kendal’s story is not the norm.

There are countless other Kendal’s out there who will never return to God if the church doesn’t pick up the baton.

Why do you think college age ministry is so often neglected?

Post your answer or any other questions.

2 thoughts on “Pick Up the Baton! How College Ministry Changed A Life at SDSU!

  1. Those who are no longer in college or don’t have children who are Don’t really think about this is the first church we have attended since coming to California that has an active college ministry!

  2. Great post! I think this demographic is so often missed because it costs a lot of money and time to do an effective college ministry. College students don’t have much money so they don’t “make sense financially” at least in the immediate picture. Also some may look at the existing ministries that are doing great stuff such as CRU or IV and think that they got the campus covered when in reality our campus is only 2-3% reached. Which means that there is lots of room for new ministries on campus. We could probably have 10-20 new ministries on campus before it was “over saturated” as if that was a bad thing! Just a couple reasons people don’t but I could talk a long time about why we need to… I will save that for later. I am stoke about this blog! Keep them coming!

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