img_3061Hi, I’m David,  lead pastor and planter of Compass Church in the San Diego State area. I’m married to Jessica, have three boys Samuel and Joshua, and Nathan.

My passion is inviting everyone to experience the joy of following Jesus!

As a certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team I love to speak and write on leadership and personal growth. 

I graduated from from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Film & Video Studies and received my Masters in Theological Studies from Gateway Seminary.

I’d love to connect with you personally, online, over coffee, or if you visit San Diego we could go for a surf!

Contact me at davidworcester@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I love writing guest posts for blogs, and speaking at events.

Ministry Posts

  1. Do You Have A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry?
  2. How to Preach so Students Will Listen
  3. Turning Selfish Students into Selfless Missionaries
  4. The Radically Focused College Ministry
  5. Are you Developing and Sending Your Students Well?
  6. How to Recruit, Develop and Keep Staff Members
  7. Collaboration without Comparison
  8. Pray First
  9. Christ’s Passion For The Campus
  10. What Works Everywhere?
  11. You Had One Job!
  12. What Collegiate Leaders Need Most
  13. It’s Harvest Time! 

Other Posts

  1. 11 Tips for Your 20s
  2. A Screwtape Letter for 2018
  3. 4 Ways To Stay Focused When Your Plans Get Canceled
  4. Awkward evangelism: Beyond Awkward book review
  5. Summary of “The God Ask”

Other Resources

  1. Gospel Appointments (Helped develop website)
  2. PODCAST: Reaching Your City Through Starting New Campus Ministries
  3. PODCAST: My story on the Ministry Mentor podcast interview with Matt Sturdevant
  4. VIDEO: OU BCM Story: Multiplying Disciples, Multiplying Ministries
  5. VIDEO: Sharing Christ on Campus
  6. VIDEO: The Benefits of Support Raising
  7. VIDEO: 3 Secrets to Reaching & Assimilating Commuter Students 

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Pastor David,
    I have read some of your definitions and commentaries explaining Bible words and verses. I find them easy to understand and useful when posting my own devotions on Facebook. Please know that I give you full credit if I apply it to my devotions. Your writings are plain and simple, the way God intends His Word to be.
    About me, I live in my elderly mother’s home in Merritt Island, Brevard County, Florida, and take care of her fulltime. This is the Space Coast area. I tell people that they launch the rockets in my mom’s backyard, because we are about 10 minutes from Kennedy Space Center. The whole house shakes when they blast off. I guess you know something about rocket launches living in San Diego.
    I am a member of Surfside Community Fellowship led by Pastor Erick Brookins, PhD. An affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention, although more casual. Pastor Erick has a great personality and keeps things interesting.
    If you ever come to visit this area, please let me know if you can visit my church and meet Pastor Erick, and likewise, if I come to visit San Diego, I will let you know so I can have that cup of coffee with you. I’ve always heard that San Diego’s zoo is the best in the nation.
    I believe that it is imperative to do the best we can to spread the gospel to as many unsaved people as possible, and teach those who are new in Christ, as Satan will attack them in order to bring them down and pull them away from Jesus. God bless you for your dedication in this cause. Keep up the good work for our Lord! Look forward to hearing from you in due time.

    Sandra Day
    5365 Country Lane
    Merritt Island, FL 32953
    Cell: (321) 626-0366

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