I am currently planting Compass Church in the San Diego State area.

I love speaking and writing about college ministry, gospel appointments, evangelism, and practical ways to live out God’s Word!

I am also passionate about: leadership training, learning, missions, church planting, surfing, hiking, sports, photography and traveling (So far I’ve visited 29 countries & all 50 states).

I’m married to Jessica Worcester who I fell in love with while doing college ministry together and we have a two and a half year old son named Samuel and one child on the way!

I graduated from from the University of Oklahoma (OU) with a degree in Film & Video Studies and received my Masters in Theological Studies from Gateway Seminary.

College Ministry Posts

I love to be a resource for fellow college ministers who are seeking to effectively reach and disciples students. I am a featured writer on the Collegiate Collective website. Here are several posts I have done for college ministry sites and on this blog.

  1. Do You Have A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry?
  2. How to Preach so Students Will Listen
  3. Turning Selfish Students into Selfless Missionaries
  4. The Radically Focused College Ministry
  5. Are you Developing and Sending Your Students Well?
  6. How to Recruit, Develop and Keep Staff Members
  7. Collaboration without Comparison
  8. Pray First
  9. Christ’s Passion For The Campus
  10. What Works Everywhere?
  11. You Had One Job!
  12. What Collegiate Leaders Need Most
  13. “7 Stories of Hope” Evangelistic Bible Study (Adapted from other Sources)
  14. It’s Harvest Time! 
  15. Connection Meetings: A College Ministry Tool For Evangelism and Recruiting
  16. Pick up the Baton! How College Ministry Changed A Life at SDSU

Podcasts & Videos

  1. PODCAST: Reaching Your City Through Starting New Campus Ministries
  2. PODCAST: My story on the Ministry Mentor podcast interview with Matt Sturdevant
  3. VIDEO: OU BCM Story: Multiplying Disciples, Multiplying Ministries
  4. VIDEO: Sharing Christ on Campus
  5. VIDEO: The Benefits of Support Raising
  6. VIDEO: 3 Secrets to Reaching & Assimilating Commuter Students 

Other Posts

  1. 11 Tips for Your 20s
  2. A Screwtape Letter for 2018
  3. Why Do I Post What I Post on Social Media?
  4. Summary of The Explicit Gospel – by Matt Chandler 
  5. Awkward evangelism: Beyond Awkward book review
  6. Summary of “The God Ask”

Contact Me

You can contact me via davidworcester@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I am open to writing guest posts for blogs, speaking and other opportunities. Just ask!

One response to “About”

  1. Matieso Samuel says :

    Dear friend in Christ,

    Warm Christian greetings in Lord’s name.I have one congregation which is not under any ministry and caring for 4 orphans,but i praise God for directing me to you by visiting you website and surely am very much encouraged with the truth you have and many people claim that they know but the truth is they have no personal relationship with Him,they don’t know what to believe,please i need your help by teaching me more about this truth of the bible.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Remain blessed.

    Pastor Samuel

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