Don’t Miss Your Opportunity To Serve God – John 9:1-23

From my reading in John 9:1-23 in the One Year New Testament.

God has given each of us opportunities to serve him in unique ways. But we only have a limited time to do them. Many opportunities come in life to serve, but we can miss them if we are not careful. Jesus was about to heal a man born blind and said this,

“While it is daytime, we must continue doing the work of the One who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” John 9:4

In ancient times little to no work was done at night.

Most people worked outdoors and depended on sunlight. When the sun went down you had to stop working. Jesus is sharing the urgency of the work that God give us. If you are a Christian, God has prepared work in advance  for you to do. You shouldn’t put it off, but start doing it while you still can.

Many people are waiting until it is convenient to serve God or until they are “ready.” But if you you wait for perfect contentions to serve then you will wind up wasting your life and missing out on the blessings of being used by God.

There is going to be a day when your time has run out.

When you die you can no longer serve God on this earth but even in this life there are certain seasons and opportunities in life that if you don’t seize you will miss.

  • For example, I lead a college ministry and we offer summer mission trips. Sadly it is often hard to get students to go. I’m not saying going overseas is the only way to serve God, but I think it is sad that more students don’t take the opportunity while they are in college to use their summer in that way.  Who knows if they may end up being called as a missionary?
  • Singles sometimes want to wait until they get married and have kids to settle down and serve at Church. But the reality is that as a single you have more time to serve than those who have families at home.
  • Married people and parents we can get so consumed in the busyness of life that they are unwilling to sacrifice in order to see God’s kingdom advanced.

I am not advocating that we run ragged and say yes to every serving opportunity, but what I want us to see is that there is an urgency to our mission.

There is only a little time God has put us on this earth to make a difference.

While we still have time let’s serve with all of our hearts and do everything that God is leading us to do!

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