How To Experience True Freedom – John 8:28-59

From my reading in John 8:28-59 in the One Year New Testament.

Americans love freedom! It was the foundation that our country was built on. To most people freedom means having all the money you want, going wherever you want when you want and basically doing whatever you you want when you want. But the freedom that Jesus gives us is different, he said, 

“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31–32

These words are the path to true freedom.  Let’s break it down phrase by phrase.

1. If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples…

In the Lowe-Nida lexicon abide means “to remain in the same place over a period of time.”

To abide in Christ’s word means to be constantly chewing on and thinking about God’s word. Often I have been guilty of reading a passage and closing my Bible without thinking about how the truths I just read impact my life today.

Healthy disciples don’t just read their Bible or listen to sermons. They stay so connected to God’s Word that it becomes a part of them.  God’s word should effect our every day decisions and life.

2. And you will know the truth…

To know the truth is a countercultural idea in our day. But Jesus’ words are 100% true!  That is why we can confidently base our lives on His Word.

Knowing the truth allows you align your life according to the way God created you.

3. And the truth will set you free.

True freedom comes from knowing and living out the truth.

A fish is not free when it is on land, because it was made for water. For a fish to be truly free it must be in the sea! We were created by God, and until we aline our lives with his truth we will never be truly free!

Jesus himself is “the truth!”

He died on the cross to set us free from the slavery of our sin and adopt us as his sons and daughters! 

Only through Christ can we be forgiven from our sin and set free from the bondage we are held in. Knowing Jesus and aligning our lives according to his word is the only way to experience true freedom.

If you are a follower of Jesus never be ashamed of the truth of scripture even if it is controversial. What the Bible says about the topics of abortion, homosexuality, greed, and lust should not be neglected because they are not popular.

We should not be ashamed of the truth, because the truth really does set people free!

Whatever it is that you are in bondage about, come to Jesus and let his word live deeply in you and you will experience true freedom!

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