Join My Epic Journey

You coming? 

I want to invite you join me on an epic quest. It is a journey through the new testament with Jesus.

Inspired By

While reading “Fresh Air” by Chris Hodges he made this statement about a passage of scripture “that’s as timely as a blog entry” gave me an interesting idea…

How It’s Gonna Work

I will read the One Year Bible New Testament and instead of just reading it and closing it I will do a blog post about what I read. Some will be short. Some will be profound. Some will be practical. Some will be inspirational.

These posts will be reflections on what is personally standing out to me from these passage of scripture (not a commentary).

My prayer this that through this process the Holy Spirit would blow fresh wind into my sails and inspire you devour the scriptures yourself, and lead us to the one who it’s all about, JESUS!

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