11 Tips for Your 20s

Today is my last day in my twenties. 

Since I work with people in their late teens and twenties I want to write a short blog post on how to make the most of your twenties. 

Enjoy singleness

Eight of the ten years of my twenties I spent single. There were hard things about it, but God used it in my life to let me experience the world and life long friendships. Learn to enjoy the benefits being single brings you instead of putting life on hold until you find “the one”.

Endure singleness 

I know how it feels to see all of my friends on Facebook get married and start having babies.  Hang on. Their lives are never as perfect as their Facebook profile would like you to believe. Endure and trust God as he builds a foundation of character in your life.  You will need that later! 

Explore the World

Go on a mission trip. Explore the world that God made, and make an impact while doing it.  Some of my richest experiences happened when I  left my comfort zone of home and served. St. Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.” 

Enter Authentic Friendship

This is the best time in your life to find life long friends. Don’t just attend church.  Don’t jump from one group to another.  Dive in and go deep with a community. You need people who you can get real with and laugh with!

Engage God’s Mission

Discover how YOU really can make a difference in people’s lives. Serve at Church.  Start a bible study. Reach out to people in your classes and at your work. Be a part of the exciting adventure of spreading God’s love.

Educate Yourself in God’s Word

Build a foundation in your knowledge of the Bible.  Develop a habit of not only reading the Bible everyday but really thinking about how it applies to your life.  Memorize a verse that meant most to you.  Nothing has given me more comfort and guidance then the verses I memorized in my twenties. The twenties are for training!

Eliminate Distractions

Learn to say NO to good things so that you can say YES to the best things. Tweet This  

Learn to be ok doing less than you could so that you can really enjoy life. People who are to busy miss the sweetness of life and are not available for life shaping opportunities that come up randomly. 

Earn Your Stripes

Be okay being faithful with small tasks and jobs.  Before starting my own ministry I was an intern with my ministry at OU. The lessons I learned during that time shaped so much of what I do today. Especially focus on being faithful with the small responsibilities and watch God bless everything else. 

Enlist a Yoda

Find a mentor.  Don’t wait for someone to come to you.  Look for someone who is where you want to be and ask them to invest in your life.  I am very grateful for the men who have had a part in mentoring me in my late teens and twenties, my dad John Worcester, Max Barnett, John Kelsey, Mark Jappe, Kyle Walters and more. With out the guidance of these men I don’t know where I would be today.   

Escape to Be with God 

Learn to just sit with God.  Learn to have time alone with God with no agenda. No Bible reading plan, no prayer list, no timer, just be with God. Find a place where you can go regularly to sit with God. I’m for having structure but there is something soul filling for me when I unplug and rest in God’s presence.  You will be surprised how much of your direction in life will come from these times. 

Experience… LIFE!

The longing for adventure that you have in your twenties is a good thing! Spend less time looking at other people’s experiences on Facebook at go out and experience adventure yourself. Don’t let stress, worry, anxiety, depression, or anything keep you from experiencing the adventure of following Christ with all that you are.

Life really is short. Your twenties only come once. Experience life as God intended it to be lived and when you reach thirty you will be able to look back with joy and look forward with hope of what the next chapter of your life holds in your thirties!

4 thoughts on “11 Tips for Your 20s

  1. I enjoyed this. I don’t really like that there’s so much pressure on me (at the grand age of 24!!) to settle down and have children, I am determined to find who I am and travel…the rest can wait until later 🙂

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