Jesus Was Too Focused To Meet With A King… – Luke 9:1-17

From my reading in Luke 9:1-17 in the One Year New Testament.

In a society where we are obsessed with celebrities and status it would be unheard of for a minster to not meet up with a king that wanted to see him. But that is exactly what Jesus did!

King Herod was very intrigued about Jesus and even wondered if he was John the Baptist or Elijah risen from the dead. Ironically Jesus is the only person to raise from the dead on his own power! This is what Herod said,

“I beheaded John,” Herod said, “so who is this man about whom I hear such stories?” And he kept trying to see him.” Luke 9:9

Here’s the thing that hit me. When a King wants something 99% of the time he get’s it. Herod wanted to see Jesus but for some reason he didn’t see him until the mock trial before Christ’s crucifixion.

We don’t know if Herod actually asked Jesus to meet, but it is likely that the news that Herod wanted to see him got back to Jesus. But Jesus didn’t go out of his way to meet the rich and famous king. Perhaps it was because he was wisely avoiding the person who beheaded John the Baptist or he had a habit of avoiding Herods. For whatever reason…

Jesus didn’t  the lure of  a celebrity sidetrack his mission. 

He wasn’t playing the popularity game, instead he was led by the Spirit and helping people who could never repay him, the poor, the outcasts, the lepers, women, and even children.

I encourage you to stop focusing on the lives of celebrities and and start focusing on the mission God has for you with ordinary people in your every day life!

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