11 Ways Jesus is Described When He Returns In Revelation 19

At Christmas, Jesus came as a meek and mild baby. At the second coming, Jesus will come as a victorious warrior.

Here is how he is described in Revelation 19.

  1. Jesus will ride a white horse (11).
  2. Jesus will be called Faithful and True (11).
  3. Jesus’ eyes will be like flames of fire (12).
  4. Jesus will where many crowns (12).
  5. Jesus will have a name written on him only he can understand (12).
  6. Jesus will have a robe dripped in blood (13).
  7. Jesus will be called the Word of God (13).
  8. Jesus will lead heaven’s armies (14).
  9. Jesus will have a sharp sword in his mouth (15).
  10. Jesus will release God’s wrath (15).
  11. Jesus’ robe will say King of all kings and Lord of all lords (16).

At Christmas God sent Jesus as His agent of mercy. At judgment day Jesus will be His agent of wrath.

God is both merciful and full of justice. At the second coming we see the mighty justice of Jesus more fully.

How does this description of Jesus change your perception of Him?

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