Review of “Parenting: Is There an App for That?” By Deborah Bullock

Parenting: Is There an App for That?” is a fast-paced and practical how-to manuel for parents.

It is written primarily to moms, but I found it helpful as well! Deborah Bullock condenses 35 years of parenting and extensive research into a book that I was able to read on one flight! Deborah cuts through the clutter and gives parents the most important principles that God’s Word shares about parenting.

She explains her findings in an easy to understand acrostic – KIDS and ends with a challenge to set an example for your kids!


“Kindness… opens your child’s ear to hear instruction, and his mind to think about what you’re telling him. It opens his heart to receive both the values you want to instill and the disciple that is necessary.” Page 12


“The basic goal of instruction is to get knowledge and understanding inside our kids heads and to provide an organized striation so that when it is needed they can “find” and apply it.” Page 42


“Appropriate discipline can deter behavior patterns which, if left unchecked, lead to problems and grief.” Page 72

Spiritual Power

“What we reach for makes a difference, because the source determine how much power we get. Most of us have heard we need to go to God for power. However, for many of us, God is our last option.” Page 80

Example and Explanation

“Our kids get a close-up view into our hearts – an opportunity to see the values we cherish by the choices we make.” Page 112

I am convinced that if you do these five things well with your children you will succeed in parenting. If you get one book on parenting let this be the one!