In Your Stress, Who Can You Bless?

Welcome to part 3 of #TheFinalWords series looking at the 7 statements of Jesus on the cross!

As Jesus hung on the cross most of his disciples had scattered, but four brave women, (3 named Mary),along with his best friend John stood with him.

When Jesus saw his Mom and his best friend he said to Mary, “Woman, here is your son,” and to John he said, “Here is your mother.” From then on John took care of Mary.

Even when being tortured to death, Jesus was always thinking of others. Jesus had several half-brothers, but as Pro 18:24 says, “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

To trust someone to care for your family is the deepest form of trust. In times of crisis we need both our physical family and our spiritual family.

There wasn’t a moment Jesus was alive that he didn’t do what’s best for those around him. Next time you are suffering, ask yourself who can I help?

By helping others you might just distracted from your pain? Ask yourself in my stress, who can I bless?

What questions or comments do you have?

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