Spiritual Hearing Aids – Hearing God’s Voice in A Nosiy World


I have a hearing problem, not because of all the punk concerts I went to in high school.

My problem is a spiritual hearing problem.

I’m addicted to…  a lot of things.

  • Technology – I bring my iPhone in to the bathroom so I can check Facebook on the toilet.
  • Busyness – I want to brag about how many important meetings I had.
  • Music – I’m listening to Angels and Airwaves as I right this.
  • Entertainment – I watched the 1st  six seasons of the Office in a matter of weeks.

These addictions have one thing in common…

They drown out the voice of God.

I just finished re-reading the classic “Practicing the Presence of God” by 18th century monk named Brother Lawrence.  The description of his intimate, ongoing intimacy with the almighty has inspired God lovers for centuries.

I found myself asking…

Why am I not…

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