Why I Believe Christians Will Go Through The Tribulation – Revelation 13

A running theme throughout the book of Revelation is that Christians need to preserver.

“This means that God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently and remain faithful.” Rev 13:10

Patiently enduring implies that Christians will not be removed before the suffering starts. Instead I believe we will have to remain faithful in the middle of the trials.

This endurance will allow more people to come to Christ and those who suffer on this earth greater reward in heaven.

I wonder why God would give us so many instructions about enduring through the end times if Christians are not going to go through them?

There are certain things that God will protect His people from, but it seems to me that the context of Revelation indicates that we will endure hardship until Jesus returns.

We can take comfort that no matter how hard our trials are today followers of Jesus will eventually be taken to a place where there is no pain, crying, or death!

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