God Can Use Your Government – Acts 23:16-35

From my reading in Acts 23:16-35 in the One Year New Testament.

Some people are overly political, others don’t care enough.

God can and will use government for his purposes. In today’s reading we see that God can use government and it’s decisions in order to serve His purposes. The government leaders listened to someone knew that there were people wanting to kill Paul.

The government leaders listen and protected Paul.

Then the commander called two of his officers and ordered, “Get 200 soldiers ready to leave for Caesarea at nine o’clock tonight. Also take 200 spearmen and 70 mounted troops. Provide horses for Paul to ride, and get him safely to Governor Felix.” Acts 23:23-24

The government can be used to protect God’s servants.

Government makes a lot of mistakes, and even does many things that are dishonoring to God. But even corrupt governments can me used for God’s purposes.

Instead of disengaging from politics all together it is helpful to be informed. Also I recommending using wisdom in how you express your political views especially on social media and among friends.

Government ultimately is a tool that God can use to accomplish his purposes in the world.

As followers of Christ let us pray for wisdom on how to wisely engage.

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