Qualities To Look For In Church and Ministry Leaders – Acts 6

From my reading in Acts 6 in the One Year New Testament.

The apostles were so busy serving the needy they didn’t have the adequate time to preach and pray.

So they appointed men to be responsible for feeding the poor. Here were the qualifications.

“And so, brothers, select seven men who are well respected and are full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will give them this responsibility.” Acts 6:3

Please note this wise example is not to be prescriptive of the only three things that you look for in a leader. That being said, I do believe these qualities are vital for those who serve in the Church.

Well Respected

Those who are in leadership in the church should have a good reputation. They should not live questionable lifestyles. They should be above reproach.

Full of The Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the one who guides and empowers his servants. For a leader to be spiritually effective they need to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Full of Wisdom

Wisdom is important in how to deal with complex situations that come up. When difficult decisions, circumstances and people are thrown at them, a wise leader will know the right timing and procedure to deal with it.

Wisdom helps in all areas of life and especially in complex serving situations like running a food program.

If you are looking to become a leader in the Church these are three areas that God will need work in your life before it would be good for you to gain leadership.

If you are already a leader I encourage you to seek to grow in these areas and train your people in these qualities. Look for those who exhibit these to empower and delegate to.

I pray that God would continue to form these qualities in my life and those that I lead.

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