The Whole Church, The Whole Gospel, To The Whole World – Acts 5:1-21

From my reading in Acts 5:1-21 in the One Year New Testament.

God has given us a life giving message!

The apostles were thrown into prison by jealous Sadducees for healing and and casting out demons publicly in the temple. But an angel of the Lord came and set them free. He instructed them,

“Go, stand and speak to the people in the temple the whole message of this Life.” Acts 5:20

The good news of Jesus is a life giving message.

When the story of Christ is preached then people are set free to live the lives God intended them to live. Notice the angel told them to tell the WHOLE message.

The whole gospel is a life giving gospel.

In our day it is common for preachers to avoid talking about sin and controversial issues in order to be relevant. But if you leave out sin and the results of sin then you leave out much of the good news. You leave out that we need a savior.  If there were no sin and hell then why would Jesus have to die? It has been said,

 “Evangelization requires the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world”. ‘The Lausanne Covenant’ 

Our message is to important to be watered down. Our task is to large for only some churches to be a part of it. Our world is to lost to go without the life only Jesus can give.

We have been given life by Christ and as a church he has entrusted us with the the only message that can offer true everlasting life!

Are you playing your part of this great effort to spread “the whole message of this life” with the world?

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