Remember This When You Think “I’m Too Tired” – Luke 22:47-71

From my reading in Luke 22:47-71 in the One Year New Testament.

One of the greatest excuses that I give for not obeying Christ is “I’m too tired.” I won’t read my Bible, pray, do my homework, listen to my spouse, exercise, or share the gospel because “I’m to tired.”

One detail stood out to me as I read todays section in scripture…

The night before Jesus was crucified he was up all night!

He spent the first half of his night praying to his Father and experiencing such anxiety at the anticipation of his death that he was sweating drops of blood. Meanwhile his disciples gave in to the “I’m too tired” temptation and slept through the prayer time. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is indeed weak!

After the most emotionally intense prayer time ever recorded and being betrayed Jesus spent the rest of the night experiencing this…

The guards in charge of Jesus began mocking and beating him. They blindfolded him and said, “Prophesy to us! Who hit you that time?” And they hurled all sorts of terrible insults at him. At daybreak all the elders of the people assembled, including the leading priests and the teachers of religious law. Jesus was led before this high council…” Luke 22:63–66

Jesus endured a sleepless night being blindfolded, beaten, and mocked.

The nights which I have stayed up all night ruined me! (Even for a youth “lock in”!) The following day I couldn’t think straight and was basically worthless. Certainly ,I would not have handled what Jesus went through the way he did!

Jesus was fully God and fully human, so he was physically tired!

But he chose to perserver because of his love for us. Even in his final moments he offered those around him words of love and hope despite being exhausted.

When I am exhausted I am more vulnerable to be angry, rude, and give in to temptation. Jesus refused to let his exhaustion stop him from fulfilling his life saving mission.

I am so glad Jesus didn’t say “I’m too tired.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that we don’t sleep. I strongly believe God grants sleep as a gift and I believe that sleep itself is a spiritual discipline! (But that is another post). I am encouraging us all to not let the excuse of “I’m too tired” keep us from what GOD has called us to do.

Next time you think you are “too tired” to do what God has called you to do…

It’s time rely on the power and energy of the one who stayed up all night and still died for you! 

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