Why Did Jesus Willingly Accept Rejection? – Mark 12:1-27

From my reading in Mark 12:1-27 in the One Year New Testament.

Jesus just finished telling one of his most clear parables against the religious leaders. In the story, the tenants of the vineyard killed messengers of the owner and then killed the only son of the owner. This was a clear allegory of how they would kill Jesus. After telling the parable Jesus quoted Psalm 118:22-23,

“The stone that the builders rejected has now become the cornerstone. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.” Mark 12:10–11

Even though Jesus was rejected, he came back to life and was placed at the right hand of God. He is the cornerstone and head of the Church. The Bible Knowledge Commentary Walford and Zuck write,

“This dramatic reversal of the builders’ decision and exaltation of the rejected stone was God’s sovereign doing, a remarkable thing. God overrules in amazing ways rebellious human attempts to block His purposes.”

God worked through man’s rebellion to do the most wonderful thing, save us from sin and death. Out of the greatest evil God brought about our greatest good.

Praise God that he was willing to be rejected so that we wouldn’t have to be! 

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